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Updated 9/6/10

LYRICS by: Cesar Vedani
MUSIC by: Ascanio Donato
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 9/5/10
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Sing along with Lita Morales y Horacio Lagos with Edgardo Donato
Llevando mi pesar
como un maldicion
sin rumbo fui,
buscando de olvidar
el fuego de ese amor
que te implore
y alla en la soledad
del desamparo cruel
tratando de olvidarte recorde
con la ansiedad febril
del dia que te di
todo mi ser,
y al ver la realidad
de toda tu crueldad
yo maldeci
la luz de tu mirar,
en que me encandile,
llevado en mi ansiedad de amar
Besos impregnados de amargura,
tuve de tu boca en su frialdad,
tu alma no sintio mi fiel ternura
y me brindo con su rigor, maldad
Quiero disipar toda mi pena,
busco de calmar mi sinsabor,
siento inaguantable esta cadena
que me ceñi al implorar tu amor
Carrying my regret
as a curse
I was aimlessly
looking to forget
the fire of the love
that I implored
and there in the solitude
of the cruel neglect
Trying to forget, I remembered
with feverish anxiety
the day I gave you
my whole being
and seeing the reality
of all your cruelty
I cursed
the light in your eyes,
that blinded me,
carried away in my anxiety led to love
Besos impregnated of bitterness
I had from your mouth in its coldness,
your soul did feel my faithful affection
and brought me with its rigor, evil
I want to dispel all my pain,
I seek to soothe my distaste,
I feel unbearable this chain
I wore while begging your love

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  1. Another favorite…
    Such a peppy tune with such a tragic story…
    xo xo

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