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Updated 9/6/10

Farewell to my pampa (1945)
LYRICS by: Ivo Pelay
MUSIC by: Francisco Canaro and Mariano Mores
TRANSLATION by: Frank Sasson
Last updated on: 9/30/10
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Sing along with Alberto Castillo with the Osvaldo Requena orchestra
¡Adiós pampa mía!…
Me voy… Me voy a tierras extrañas
adiós, caminos que he recorrido,
ríos, montes y cañadas,
tapera donde he nacido.
Si no volvemos a vernos,
tierra querida,
quiero que sepas
que al irme dejo la vida.
¡Adiós!…Al dejarte, pampa mía,
ojos y alma se me llenan
con el verde de tus pastos
y el temblor de las estrellas…
Con el canto de tus vientos
y el sollozar de vihuelas
que me alegraron a veces,
y otras me hicieron llorar.¡Adiós pampa mía!…
Me voy camino de la esperanza.
Adiós, llanuras que he galopado,
sendas, lomas y quebradas,
lugares donde he soñado.
Yo he de volver a tu suelo,
cuando presienta
que mi alma escapa
como paloma hasta el cielo…
¡Me voy, pampa mía!…

Goodbye, my pampa !…
I’m leaving… I’m leaving for strange lands
Goodbye, roads that I have travelled,
rivers, hills and ravines,
the shack where I was born.
If we don’t see each other again,
my loved land,
I want you to know
That in my departure I leave my life
Goodbye !. . .In leaving you, my pampa
My eyes and my soul get filled
With the green of your grass
and the trembling of the stars;
with the singing of the winds
and the weeping of the guitars
That sometimes made me happy
And other times made me cry.Goodbye . . . my Pampa
I’m leaving on the road of hope
Goodbye, plains that I have galloped
paths, hills and ravines
Places where I have dreamed.
I will return to your soil
when I have a premonition
That my soul is escaping
Like a dove, up to the sky.
Goodbye !
I’m leaving, my pampa! …

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  1. I find your whole tango homepage most precious and multilateral. It is now indispensable for me in all its aspects.

    Congratulations. I live a little far (Germany) to come and learn tango at your school, but if I lived nearby my husband and I would come. We bought your book (Gotta TAngo) and that is a very valuable instrument for us in order to try tango anywhere we are.

    I find your tango lyrics page also most precious, because due to the excellent English translations I can understand the texts better and hence learn them by heart faster. I try to sing tango when we don´t have time to keep learning (professionally both extremely busy), and your lyrics page has become also just indispensable for me on my path through the world of tango!!

    Thanks for being there and for having created your homesite. Viva Tango. Muchas gracias!

    Dr. B. Michel, Düsseldorf, Germany

    Dr. Barbara Michel

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