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Careful, babe! (1929)
LYRICS by: Celedonio Flores
MUSIC by: Ciriaco Ortiz
TRANSLATION by: Adrian Ocneanu
Last updated on: 11/9/11
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Tango-cancion ¡Atenti, pebeta! – Careful, babe! is an affectionate advice given by a knowledgeable fellow – the “zorro viejo” – “old fox” – to a young girl coming to the big city from the countryside. The lyrics are one of the most humorous texts around, written almost entirely in slang. It paints a picture of the bustling Buenos Aires life in the 20’s, with rich guys and playboys girls should be aware of, and the best way for a smart girl to suceed: play dumb, dress and act like a nun but pack a gun…
Cuando estés en la vereda y te fiche un bacanazo,
vos hacete la chitrula y no te le deschavés;
que no manye que estás lista al primer tiro de lazo
y que por un par de leones bien planchados te perdés.

Cuando vengas para el centro, caminá junando el suelo,
arrastrando los fangullos y arrimada a la pared,
como si ya no tuvieras ilusiones ni consuelo,
pues, si no, dicen los giles que te has echado a perder.

Si ves unos guantes patito, ¡rajales!;
a un par de polainas, ¡rajales también!
A esos sobretodos con catorce ojales
no les des bolilla, porque te perdés;
a esos bigotitos de catorce líneas
que en vez de bigote son un espinel…
¡Atenti, pebeta!, seguí mi consejo:
yo soy zorro viejo y te quiero bien.

Abajate la pollera por donde nace el tobillo,
dejate crecer el pelo y un buen rodete lucí,
comprate un corsé de fierro con remaches y tornillos
y dale el olivo al polvo, a la crema y al carmín.

Tomá leche con vainillas o chocolate con churros,
aunque estés en el momento propiamente del vermut.
Después compras un bufoso y, cachando al primer turro,
por amores contrariados le hacés perder la salud.

When you’re on the sidewalk and a bigwig gawks at you,
play stupid and don’t give him any notice;
Don’t let him figure out that you fall easy on the first try
and that at the sight of a pair of ironed trousers you give in.

When you come downtown walk looking down,
drag your shoes and stay close to the wall
as if you didn’t have any wit and needed no comfort,
otherwise the fools will think you had gone bad.

If you see gloved hands, vanish fast!
or a pair of gaiters, vanish as well!
To an overcoat with fourteen buttonholes
don’t pay any attention, just get lost!
To those thin mustaches like fourteen dashes
that look more like a fishing line…
Careful, babe! – follow my advice:
I’m an old fox and I wish you well.

Lower your hem to your ankle,
let your hair grow and make it into a bun,
buy an iron corset with rivets and screws
and forget about powder, cream or lipstick.

Drink milk with vanilla or chocolate fritters,
even when it’s really time for cocktails
Then buy a gun and to the first sucker you catch,
on acocunt of distressed love make him lose his health.

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  1. Con gran gratitud le expreso mi agradecimiento por este sitio,viva el tango,quisiera compartir esto con mi novia,tiene usted face book page?

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