Los mareados   1 comment

The doped ones (1920/1942)
LYRICS by: Enrique Cadicamo
MUSIC by: Juan Carlos Cobian
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 2/7/12
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Sing along with RAUL LAVIE

The music was composed in 1920 but the lyrics were created in 1942.
como encendida,
te halle bebiendo,
linda y fatal;
y en el fragor del champan
loca reias,
por no llorar…
me dio encontrarte
pues al mirarte
yo vi brillar
tus ojos
con un electrico ardor,
tus bellos ojos
que tanto adore.

Esta noche, amiga mia,
con alcohol nos embriagamos;
que me importa que se rian
y nos llamen los mareados.
Cada cual tiene sus penas
y nosotros las tenemos.
Esta noche beberemos
porque ya no volveremos
a vernos mas…

Hoy vas a entrar en mi pasado,
en el pasado de mi vida.
Tres cosas lleva mi alma herida:
Amor, Pesar, Dolor.
Hoy vas a entrar en mi pasado,
hoy nuevas sendas tomaremos.
Que grande ha sido nuestro amor
y, sin embargo, ay,
mira lo que quedo!

as if on fire,
I found you drinking,
cute and fatal;
You drank,
and in the din of champagne
crazy you laughed,
rather than cry…
I felt at finding you
because looking at you
I saw your eyes
with an electric fire,
your beautiful eyes
that I so adored.

Tonight, my friend,
with alcohol we’re getting drunk;
I don’t care if they laugh
and call us “the doped ones.”
Everyone has their sorrows
and we have ours.
Tonight we will drink
because we won’t ever
see each other again…

Today you’re gonna enter in my past,
in the past of my life.
Three things bears my wounded soul:
Love, Regret, Pain.
Today you”re gonna my past,
today we’ll follow new paths.
How great has been our love
and, yet, alas,
look what’s left!

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  1. Thanks for this. This evening I heard a great instrumental version of this song, having heard a brief explanation of the story, was hoping to find the lyrics.

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