Esta noche me emborracho   4 comments

Tonight I’m getting drunk (1927)
LYRICS by: Enrique Santos Discepolo
MUSIC by: Enrique Santos Discepolo
TRANSLATION by: Ramon Peñalva
Last updated on: 7/25/13
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This is the story of a man who casually runs into an old sweetheart after ten years of their separation.
In the first stanza he describes her with mocking words but then he recognizes that can’t endure the sight of her decline and flees feeling close to tears.
In the second stanza he now remembers when she was so beautiful that turned him crazy and drove him to betrayal of friends and principles so much as to sink his mother in poverty and losing all, even his human dignity just to give her luxury and pleasure. He ask himself how this “old wreck” could led him to ruin his life so completely.
In the third stanza he ends up thinking in a philosophical way, that he never thought he would see her the way she is now and fearing that if he entered too deep in those thoughts he could commit suicide. He decides to get so drunk as to keep his mind dumb enough to produce any thought.
Sola, fané, descangayada,
la vi esta madrugada
salir de un cabaret;
flaca, dos cuartas de cogote
y una percha en el escote
bajo la nuez;
chueca, vestida de pebeta,
teñida y coqueteando
su desnudez…
Parecía un gallo desplumao,
mostrando al compadrear
el cuero picoteao…
Yo que sé cuando no aguanto más
al verla, así, rajé,
pa’ no yorar.¡Y pensar que hace diez años,
fue mi locura!
¡Que llegué hasta la traición
por su hermosura!…
Que esto que hoy es un cascajo
fue la dulce metedura
donde yo perdí el honor;
que chiflao por su belleza
le quité el pan a la vieja,
me hice ruin y pechador…
Que quedé sin un amigo,
que viví de mala fe,
que me tuvo de rodillas,
sin moral, hecho un mendigo,
cuando se fue.Nunca soñé que la vería
en un “requiscat in pace”
tan cruel como el de hoy.
¡Mire, si no es pa’ suicidarse
que por ese cachivache
sea lo que soy!…
Fiera venganza la del tiempo,
que le hace ver deshecho
lo que uno amó…
Este encuentro me ha hecho tanto mal,
que si lo pienso más
termino envenenao.
Esta noche me emborracho bien,
me mamo, ¡bien mamao!,
pa’ no pensar.

Lonely, ugly and all broken
I saw her this dawn
coming out of a nightclub.
Skinny, a full yard long of neck
And a hanger by neckline
under the chin.
Bowlegged, dressed as a broad,
hair-dyed and flirting
her nudity
She looked like a featherless bantam
mockingly showing off
her pecked hide.
I, that know when I am fed up,
Just run away from there
trying not to cry.I recall ten years ago,
she was my craze.
I went far as to betrayal
for all her beauty.
This, that now is an old wreck,
was my sweet at heart
where I lost my dignity.
That crazy about her beauty,
I stole food from my mother,
I was mean and I was base.
I was left without a friend,
I lived a wrong and wicked life.
And she had me on my knees,
With no honor, just a beggar
When she left me.Never I thought I’d see her
in a state of R.I.P,
so cruel and bad as I saw her today
Tell me, shouldn’t I kill myself
thinking that for this old junk
I was left as what I’m now.
Ugly this revenge of time
that lets you see destroyed
the one you loved.
This meeting made me feel so bad
That if I think it through
I’ll get poisoned,
this night I’ll drink me out,
thoroughly drunk
So I wont think.

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4 responses to “Esta noche me emborracho

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  1. “La vieja” in the song isn’t his mother – it’s his wife. “Vivi de mala fe” is, basically, adultery.

  2. Amigos: quien canta es Enrique Dumas. Saludos!

    hugo puigchinet.

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