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Twelfth Night (1926)
LYRICS by: Jorge Curi
MUSIC by: Pedro Maffia
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 1/6/13
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Sing along with CARLOS GARDEL

La quise como nadie, tal vez, la había querido
Y la adoraba tanto que hasta celos sentí,
Por ella me hice bueno, honrado y buen marido
Y en hombre de trabajo, mi vida convertí.

Al cabo de algún tiempo, de unir nuestro destino,
Nacía un varoncito, orgullo del hogar,
Y era mi dicha tanta, ver claro mi camino,
Ser hombre de trabajo, honrado y trabajador.

Pero una noche de Reyes
Cuando a mi hogar regresaba,
Comprobé que me engañaba
Con el amigo más fiel,

Ofendido en mi amor propio
Quise vengar el ultraje,
Lleno de ira y coraje
Sin compasión los maté.

¡Qué cuadro, compañero!… No quiero ni acordarme,
Me llena de vergüenza, de odio y de rencor,
De qué valió ser bueno, si aparte de engañarme,
Clavaron en mi pecho la flecha del dolor.

Por eso, compañero, como hoy es día de Reyes,
Los zapatitos, el nene, afuera los dejó,
Espera un regalito, y no sabe que a la madre
¡Por falsa y por canalla, su padre la mató!…

I loved her like no one, perhaps, had loved her
And l adored her so much that I even felt jealousy,
For her I became good, honest and good husband
And a working man, my life became.

After some time, of uniting our destiny,
A boy was born, the pride of the home
And my happiness was plenty, seeing my way clear,
Being a working man, honest and hardworking.

But on one Twelfth Night
When I was returning to my home,
I found that she was cheating
With the most faithful friend,

My pride being offended
I wanted to avenge the outrage,
Full of anger and courage
I killed them mercilessly.

What a sight, buddy! … I don’t even want to remember,
It fills me with shame, hatred and rancor,
What good was being good, if besides deceiving me
They dug into my chest the arrow of pain.

That’s why friend, since today is Epiphany,
The little boy put out his little shoes.
He expects a little present, not knowing that
For fake and rogue, his father killed his mother! ….

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