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Let’s dance (1955)
LYRICS by: Reynaldo Yiso
MUSIC by: Pascual Mamone
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 9/15/12
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Sing along with FLOREAL RUIZ with ORCHESTRA

Bandoneon player, arranger, bandleader and composer
(22 April 1921 – 15 September 2012)
On this day the great bandoneonist PASCUAL “CHOLO” MAMONE passed away at the age of ninety-one.
His last public performance was last Tuesday at Teatro Maipo, during the “Troilo Composer” CD release presentation, playing Triste Milonguero in the bandoneon that belonged to Anibal Troilo.Mamone was without a doubt, one of the great arrangers of the music of Buenos Aires. Much sought after by maestros of the caliber of Osvaldo Pugliese and Alfredo Gobbi, he earned an outstanding prestige in the difficult art of embellishing melodies.He had a profound respect for the essence of each composition, such as it was written by the composer, and wrote his arrangements and orchestrations with balance and detailed devotion, having specially in mind the style of the target orchestra and the distinguishing features of the singer.In 1936, with more will than knowledge, he joined the orchestra led by José Otero, an obscure group that used to play in the neighborhoods. But, three years later, he succeeded in making the acquaintance of his idol, Pedro Maffia, who agreed to teach him and polish his technique. His notable growth with the instrument encouraged his teacher who, in 1942, invited the latter to join his orchestra.In 1944, after he left Maffia, he began his career as arranger and he made himself noticed with his works for Pugliese, -since 1949 and for fifteen years-; for Roberto Caló, for whom he also on some occasion played the bandoneon; for Alfredo Gobbi, José Basso, Enrique Francini and Pedro Laurenz, among others, in the 50s.

He played and wrote the charts for the Florindo Sassone Orchestra in the late 40s and, soon thereafter, for Joaquín Do Reyes, for his programs on Radio El Mundo and at venues in the interior of the country.

In 1954 he joined the Alberto Morán’s orchestra, in a twofold role, as lead bandoneon player and arranger. The aggregation was conducted by the pianist Armando Cupo. Ten years later he likewise joined the group accompanying Miguel Montero, but those were difficult years for tango and he decided not to play any more, he took up other jobs, but kept on arranging for important musicians like Atilio Stampone and Leopoldo Federico.

In the latter years of the twentieth century he was in full activity, fronting small outfits, accompanying and recording with different vocalists, also as conductor of the Orquesta Municipal del Tango of the city of San Martín, province of Buenos Aires, with Choly Cordero and Luis Linares on vocals.

As a composer, his greatest hits were: “Bailemos”, a beautiful tango with lyrics by Reynaldo Yiso; with the same author, the milonga “Cuando era mía mi vieja” that Julio Sosa converted in a smash hit. Other interesting titles are: “Un regalo de Reyes” with lyric by Yiso; “Te quiero más” with Abel Aznar; “Al latir de Buenos Aires” with Norberto Rizzi; “Noche de duendes”, “Hay lugar” and “Platea” with Haidé Daibán, and the instrumentals “Negroide”, “Con lirismo”, “Vislumbrando” and, in collaboration with Roberto Caló, the milonga “Flauteando”.


No llores, no muchacha, la gente está mirando
bailemos este tango, el tango del adiós
así entre mis brazos, mirándote a los ojos
yo quiero despedirme sin llanto y sin dolor.

La vida caprichosa nos puso frente a frente
prendiendo en nuestro pecho la hoguera de un querer,
mas hoy, la misma vida nos manda separarnos
el sueño de querernos, ya ves, no puede ser.

como antes, cariñito,
abrazados, bien juntitos,
sólo un alma entre los dos
que no vea en tus pupilas
una lágrima furtiva,
ni una sombra, ni un dolor.
que después ya sin tus ojos
he de arrancar un sollozo
por mi amor y por tu amor.
estarás en mi desvelo
¡como una estrella en el cielo
prendida en mi corazón!

No intentes rebelarte, lo nuestro es imposible,
un sueño irrealizable que nunca floreció,
qué importa que nos una un mismo sentimiento
y encienda nuestras almas la antorcha del amor.

Que tengas mucha suerte, que Dios no te abandone,
yo sé que a mí me espera la eterna soledad,
no tiembles en mis brazos, te ruego me perdones,
el tango ya termina, salgamos a llorar.

Don’t cry, girl don’t cry, people are watching
Let’s dance this tango, the farewell tango
This way in my arms, looking you in the eyes
I want to say good bye without tears or pain.

The fickle life brought us face to face
igniting in our chests the bonfire of love,
but today, life itself asks us to separate
the dream of loving, you see, can not be.

Let’s dance,
as before, darling,
embraced, really closed
just one soul between the two
Let’s dance
may I not see in your eyes
a furtive tear,
not a shadow, not any pain
Let’s dance
that later already away from your eyes
I will go on sobbing
for my love and for your love.
you will be in my sleeplessness
like a star in the sky
shining in my heart!

Don’t try to rebel, our affair is impossible
an unrealizable dream that never bloomed,
no matter to be bonded by the same feeling
and turn on our souls the torch of love.

Best of luck, may God not abandon you,
I know that for me is waiting the eternal loneliness
do not tremble in my arms, I beg you to forgive me,
the tango is almost over, let’s dance and cry.

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