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LYRICS by: Enrique Santos Discepolo
MUSIC by: Juan de Dios Filiberto
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 1/11/12
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Discepolo explores the changes that the love for a woman produce in a tough macho man. Somehow falling in love is equated with weakness and fear of what others will think about his manhood and courage, now he even thinks about going to church, kneeling down to pray.
¡Decí, por Dios, qué me has dao!
Que estoy tan cambiao,
No sé más quién soy…
El malevaje extrañao
Me mira sin comprender,
Me ve perdiendo el cartel
De guapo que ayer
Brillaba en la acción…
No ves, que estoy embretao,
Vencido y maneao
En tu corazón.

Te vi pasar tangueando altanera,
Con un compás tan hondo y sensual,
Que no fue más que verte y perder
La fe, el coraje, el ansia ´e guapear…
No me has dejao ni el pucho en la oreja
De aquel pasao, malevo y feroz,
Ya no me falta pa´ completar
Más que ir a misa e hincarme a rezar.

Ayer, de miedo a matar
En vez de pelear
Me puse a correr.
Me vi a la sombra o finao,
Pensé en no verte y temblé.
Si yo, que nunca aflojé
De noche angustiao
Me encierro a llorar.
Decí, por Dios ¡Qué me has dao!
Que estoy tan cambiao
No sé más quién soy…

Tell me, for God, what you have given me!
that I’ve changed so much,
I don’t know who I am anymore…
The hoodlums, surprised
look at me blankly,
They see me losing the fame
of  tough guy who yesterday
stood up in the action…
Don’t you see, I’m suffocated,
defeated and hobbled,
in your heart.

I saw you pass tangoing haughty,
with a compass so deep and sensual,
That was just to see you and loose
faith, courage, the desire to swagger…
You didn’t even let the butt on the ear
From that past, outlaw and fierce,
I do not need to be complete
but going to church and kneel to pray.

Yesterday, for fear of killing
instead of fighting
I started running.
I saw me in jail or dead,
I thought of not seeing you and trembled.
If I, who never let up
At night anguished
I lock myself to cry.
Tell, for God, What you have given me!
that I’ve changed so much,
I don’t know who I am anymore…

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