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Braggart dancer (1929)
LYRICS by: Miguel Bucino
MUSIC by: Miguel Bucino
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 11/9/11
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Sing along with TITO REYES with ANIBAL TROILO

Vestido como un dandy, peinao a la gomina
y dueño de una mina más linda que una flor,
bailás en la milonga con aire de importancia,
luciendo tu elegancia y haciendo exhibición.

Cualquiera iba a decirte, che, reo de otros tiempos,
que un día llegarías a rey del cabaret,
que pa’ enseñar tu corte pondrías academia…
Al taura siempre premia la suerte que es mujer.

Bailarín compadrito,
que floriaste tu corte primero,
en el viejo bailongo orillero
de Barracas al sur.

Bailarín compadrito,
que quisiste probar otra vida,
y al lucir tu famosa corrida
te viniste al Maipú.

Araca, cuando a veces oís La Cumparsita
yo sé cómo palpita tu cuore al recordar
que un día lo bailaste de lengue y sin un mango
y ahora el mismo tango bailás hecho un bacán.

Pero algo vos darías por ser sólo un ratito
el mismo compadrito del tiempo que se fue,
pues cansa tanta gloria y un poco triste y viejo
te ves en el espejo del viejo cabaret.

Dressed like a dandy, hair slicked with styling gel
and owning a woman who is prettier than a flower,
you dance at the milonga with an air of importance,
shining the elegance and giving exhibition.

Anyone was going to tell you, you, rascal of other times,
that one day you would become a night club king,
that to teach your moves you would open an academy…
Luck, that is a woman, always rewards the tough one.

Braggart dancer,
that first showed off your moves,
at the old outskirts public dance
from the south of Barracas.

Braggart dancer,
that wanted to try another life,
and to show off your famous run
you came to the Maipú.

Watch it, sometimes when you hear La Cumparsita
I know how your heart beats when remembering
that one day you danced it in shirt sleeves and without a dime
and now you dance the same tango looking like a wealthy man.

But you’d give anything for being just for a moment
the same braggart of a time that went away,
because so much glory is tiresome and a little sad and old
you see yourself in the mirror of the old night club.

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