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Twelfth Night (1926)
LYRICS by: Jorge Curi
MUSIC by: Pedro Maffia
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 1/6/13
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Sing along with CARLOS GARDEL

La quise como nadie, tal vez, la había querido
Y la adoraba tanto que hasta celos sentí,
Por ella me hice bueno, honrado y buen marido
Y en hombre de trabajo, mi vida convertí.

Al cabo de algún tiempo, de unir nuestro destino,
Nacía un varoncito, orgullo del hogar,
Y era mi dicha tanta, ver claro mi camino,
Ser hombre de trabajo, honrado y trabajador.

Pero una noche de Reyes
Cuando a mi hogar regresaba,
Comprobé que me engañaba
Con el amigo más fiel,

Ofendido en mi amor propio
Quise vengar el ultraje,
Lleno de ira y coraje
Sin compasión los maté.

¡Qué cuadro, compañero!… No quiero ni acordarme,
Me llena de vergüenza, de odio y de rencor,
De qué valió ser bueno, si aparte de engañarme,
Clavaron en mi pecho la flecha del dolor.

Por eso, compañero, como hoy es día de Reyes,
Los zapatitos, el nene, afuera los dejó,
Espera un regalito, y no sabe que a la madre
¡Por falsa y por canalla, su padre la mató!…

I loved her like no one, perhaps, had loved her
And l adored her so much that I even felt jealousy,
For her I became good, honest and good husband
And a working man, my life became.

After some time, of uniting our destiny,
A boy was born, the pride of the home
And my happiness was plenty, seeing my way clear,
Being a working man, honest and hardworking.

But on one Twelfth Night
When I was returning to my home,
I found that she was cheating
With the most faithful friend,

My pride being offended
I wanted to avenge the outrage,
Full of anger and courage
I killed them mercilessly.

What a sight, buddy! … I don’t even want to remember,
It fills me with shame, hatred and rancor,
What good was being good, if besides deceiving me
They dug into my chest the arrow of pain.

That’s why friend, since today is Epiphany,
The little boy put out his little shoes.
He expects a little present, not knowing that
For fake and rogue, his father killed his mother! ….

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Mother, there is only one (1930)
LYRICS by: José de la Vega
MUSIC by: Agustín Bardi
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 6/10/12
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Sing along with CARLOS GARDEL

Pagando antiguas locuras
Y ahogando mi triste queja,
Volví a buscar en la vieja
Aquellas hondas ternuras
Que abandonadas dejé.
Y al verme nada me dijo
Por mis torpezas pasadas,
Palabras dulcificadas
De amor por el hijo
Tan sólo escuché!

Besos y amores…
Amistades… bellas farsas
y rosadas ilusiones
en el mundo hay a montones
por desgracia…
¡Madre hay una sola!…
Y aunque un día la olvidé
me enseñó al final la vida
que a ese amor hay que volver.

Y nadie venga a arrancarme
del lado de quien me adora
de quien con fe bienhechora
se esfuerza por consolarme
de mi pasado dolor…
Las tentaciones son vanas
para burlar su cariño;
para ella soy siempre un niño,
¡Benditas sus canas!
¡Bendito su amor!

Paying old follies
And drowning my sad complaint
I sought in the old woman
Those deep tenderness
That I left abandoned.
And seeing me she said nothing
About my past blunders,
Sweetened words
of love for the son,
It’s all I heard!

Kisses and love …
Friends … beautiful shams
and rosy illusions
in the world there are plenty
unfortunately …
Mother, there is only one! …
And though one day I forgot her
Life taught me at the end
that to that love we must return .

And nobody tear me away
from the one who adores me
from whom with beneficent faith
strives to comfort me
from my past pain …
The temptations are vain
to circumvent her affection;
for her I am always a child,
Blessed be her gray hair!
Blessed  be her love!

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They’ve seen him with someone else (1928)
LYRICS by: Horacio Pettorossi
MUSIC by: Horacio Pettorossi
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 1/6/12
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Requested by Juan from Switzerland. “Te agradezco anticipadamente y te felicito por el maravilloso trabajo que hacen, para poder compartir con argentinos por el mundo amantes del tango. Saludos, Juan”
Lo han visto con otra, te han dicho esta tarde
lo han visto con otra, con otra mujer,
Que no lo querias hacias alarde
mas hoy confesabas tu hondo querer.
Ya ves vecinita, lo ingrata que has sido
ayer te burlabas de su pobre amor
pero hoy una amiga te ha dicho al oido:
“Lo he visto con otra”, y lloras de dolor.

Tango, tango,
vos que fuiste el amigo
confidente de su amor.
Tango, tango,
hoy precisa de tu ayuda
para calmar su dolor
Tango, tango,
vos que estas en todas partes
esta noche es la ocasion
de que llegue hasta su reja
el eco de una queja
de un triste bandoneon

Yo tengo una pena que llevo en el alma
por una perversa que no se olvidar
sus ojos muy negros robaron mi calma
y sufro en silencio yo no se llorar
Ya ves yo no tengo tampoco alegrias,
por eso me apena el verte sufrir,
tambien en mis noches muy tristes y frias
las horas son largas, no puedo dormir.

They’ve seen him with someone else, they told you this afternoon
they’ve seen him with someone else, with another woman,
That you didn’t love him, you had been boasting
but now you confessed your deep love.
So you see, little neighbor, how ungrateful you’ve been
Yesterday you mocked his poor love
but today a friend has told you in the ear:
“They have seen him with another woman,” and you cry from the pain.

Tango, tango,
you who were the friend
confident of his love.
Tango, tango,
today she needs your help
to sooth her pain.
Tango, tango,
you who are everywhere
tonight is the occasion
that it come into her gate
the echo of a moaning
of a sad bandoneon.

I have a pain that I carry in my soul
for a perverse one that I didn’t know how to forget
her very black eyes stole my calm
and I suffer in silence and I do not how to cry
You see I have no joys either,
that’s why I’m sorry to see you suffer,
also in my nights very sad and cold
the hours are long, I can not sleep.

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Anchored in Paris (1931)
LYRICS by: Enrique Cadicamo
MUSIC by: Guillermo Barbieri
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 10/15/11
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Sing along with CARLOS GARDEL

Written by Cadicamo en Barcelona, Spain and sent to Gardel who was in France at the time.
Tirao por la vida de errante bohemio
estoy, Buenos Aires, anclao en Paris;
curtido de males, bandeado de apremios,
te evoco desde este lejano pais.

Contemplo la nieve que cae blandamente
desde mi ventana que da al bulevar.
Las luces rojizas con tonos murientes,
parecen pupilas de extraño mirar.

Lejano Buenos Aires, !que lindo que has de estar!
Ya van para diez años que me viste zarpar.
Aqui, en este Montmartre, faubourg sentimental,
yo siento que el recuerdo me clava su puñal.

!Como habra cambiado tu calle Corrientes!
!Suipacha, Esmeralda, tu mismo arrabal!
Alguien me ha contado que estas floreciente
y un juego de calles se da en diagonal.

!No sabes las ganas que tengo de verte!
Aqui estoy parado, sin plata y sin fe.
!Quien sabe una noche me encane la muerte
y… chau, Buenos Aires, no te vuelva a ver!

Pulled by the life of a nomadic Bohemian
I am, Buenos Aires, anchored in Paris;
hardened by evils, chased by pressures,
I evoke you from this distant country.

I contemplate the snow that falls softly
from my window that faces the boulevard.
The reddish lights with dimming tones,
seem like pupils of strange gaze.

Distant Buenos Aires, how pretty you must be!
It’s going on ten years since you saw me weigh anchor.
Here, in this Montmartre, sentimental district,
I feel that the memory digs its dagger in me.

How must have changed your Corrientes Street!
Suipacha, Esmeralda, your very own suburb!
Somebody has told me that you’re flourishing
and a set of streets run in diagonal.

You don’t know the desire I have to see you!
Here I am stopped, without money or faith.
Who knows, one night death takes me away
and… so long, Buenos Aires, I don’t return to see you!

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The sun of the twenty fifth
LYRICS by: Domingo Lombardi
MUSIC by: Santiago Rocca
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 5/23/11
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Sing along with Carlos Gardel
This song pays tribute to the May Revolution of 1810 that marked the birth of the future Republica Argentina. The date May 25 is celebrated as a national holiday in Argentina. Contrary to what some may think, it is not a tango or a milonga but a folk song of the Gato cancion genre.
Ya el sol del veinticinco
viene asomando,
ya el sol del veinticinco
viene asomando
y su luz en el Plata
va reflejando,
y su luz en el Plata
va reflejando.

¿Oído? Ya lo anuncia la voz del cañón,
icemos al tope nuestro pabellón.

Y las campanas
mezclan sus alborotos
al de las dianas.

“¡Viva la Patria!” se oye
y el clamoreo,
“¡Viva la Patria!” se oye
y el clamoreo,
hace dentrar en la sangre
cierto hormigueo,
hace dentrar en la sangre
cierto hormigueo.

Al pueblo y al gauchaje
hace el entusiasmo temblar de coraje.

Y hasta parece
que la estatua ‘e Belgrano
se estremeciese.

Al blanco y al celeste
de tu bandera,
al blanco y al celeste
de tu bandera,
contempló victoriosa
la cordillera,
contempló victoriosa
la cordillera.

A traerte laureles cruzaron los Andes
San Martín, Las Heras, Soler y otros grandes.

Y ya, paisanos,
fueron libres los pueblos

Already the sun of the twenty-fifth
is looming,
already the sun of the twenty-fifth
is hovering
and its light on the River Plate
is reflecting
and its light on the River Plate
is reflecting.

Heard? The voice of the cannon is already announcing,
let’s raise our flag to the top .

And the bells
mix their ringing
to the reveille’s sounds.”

Long live the motherland!” it’s heard
and the clamor,
‘Long live the motherland!” it’s heard
and the clamor,
gets into the blood
with a certain tingling,
gets into the blood
with a certain tingling.

To the people and the gauchos
enthusiasm makes them tremble with courage.

And it even seems
that the statue of Belgrano

To the white and blue
of your flag
To the white and blue
of your flag
looked victorious
the mountain range,
looked victorious
the mountain range.

To bring you laurels they crossed the Andes
San Martín, Las Heras, Soler and other great ones.

And, then countrymen,
were free the people
of the Americas.

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