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Updated 9/6/10

The train departs (1943)
LYRICS by: Luis Rubinstein
MUSIC by: Luis Rubinstein
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 9/13/10
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Sing along with Jorge Ortiz and the Miguel Calo Orchestra
During the 1930’s tuberculosis was a malignant disease that affected many young men and women. One of the major treatment centers was in the hills of the province of Cordoba, reached by train in those days. It was public knowledge that a trip to Cordoba under the excuse of being treated, was a compassionate way to let people die with some dignity, away from the impotent eyes of their loved ones.
Ya sale el tren.
El humo pinta el cielo
y en el andén
agito mi pañuelo.
Ruedas que rechinan
con la angustia del adiós
y ella, mi muñeca,
que se ahoga con su tos.
Se va en el tren
mi pobre novia enferma…
Mi corazón
se muere en el andén.

¡Qué ganas de arrastrarme hasta sus brazos y llorar!
¡Qué ganas de gritar lo que presiento!
Le baila en las pupilas la esperanza de volver
y tengo que esconder tanto tormento…
Es que tengo miedo que sus ojos
sepan por mi angustia su final.
Y así, con mi locura de rezar o maldecir,
quisiera allí a sus pies morir.

Ya nunca más
la cubriré de besos.
Ya nunca más
vendré por su regreso…
Siento que mi alma
se desangra en el andén
mientras su esperanza
pone risas en el tren.
Adiós, mi bien…
Cuando el vagón se aleje
me quedaré
llorando en el andén.

Ya sale el tren…
Adiós, mi bien.

The train departs
Its smoke paints the sky
and on the platform
I wave my handkerchief.
Wheels that squeak
with the anguish of the farewell
and she, my doll,
drowning in her cough.
She leaves in the train
my poor sick girlfriend…
My heart
is dying on the platform.

How I long to crawl into her arms and cry!
How I long to scream what I foresee!
The hope of returning dance in her pupils
and I have to hide so much torment …
I fear that her eyes
know in my anguish her end.
And so, with my folly to pray or curse,
I wish to die there at her feet.

Never again
I’ll covered her with kisses.
Never again
I will come for her return …
I feel that my soul
bleeds on the platform
while her hope
puts laughter on the train.
Farewell, my darling …
When the railway coach moves away
I’ll stay
crying on the platform.

The train departs…
Farewell, my darling.

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