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Carnival (1927)
LYRICS by: Francisco Garcia Jimenez MUSIC by: Anselmo Aieta
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 7/17/11
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Sing along with CARLOS GARDEL

Sing along with CARLOS DANTE with Alfredo De Angelis

Colombina, Arlequin and Pierrot were characters of the Commedia de l’arte (Italy 16th century). The setting for this tango is the celebration of Carnaval, a porteño tradition that dates back to the 19th century. Besides the parades, second lines and parfumed water fights, the maximun entertainment consisted of dancing at lavish parties in theaters. During the first five years of the 20th century, the major theaters featured orchestras of up to forty professional musicians and the rhythm of the early tango was at the top of the preferences of the dancers. Hidden behind the masks, the human spirit had free rein to experience hidden impulses, such as the neighborhood girl succumbing to the temptations brought upon by money and flowing champagne.
¿Sos vos, pebeta (muchacha)? ¿Sos vos? ¿Cómo te va?
¿Estás de baile? ¿Con quién? ¡Con un bacán (galan)!
¡Tan bien vestida, das el golpe!…
Te lo digo de verdad…
¿Habré cambiado que vos, ni me mirás,
y sin decirme ni adiós, ya vas a entrar?
No te apresures.
Mientras paga el auto tu bacán (Don Juan),
yo te diré:

¿Dónde vas con mantón de Manila,
dónde vas con tan lindo disfraz?
Nada menos que a un baile lujoso
donde cuesta la entrada un platal…
¡Qué progresos has hecho, pebeta!
Te cambiaste por seda el percal…
Disfrazada de rica estás papa,
lo mejor que yo vi en Carnaval.

La vida rueda… También rodaste vos.
Yo soy el mismo que ayer era tu amor.
Muy poca cosa: un buen muchacho,
menos plata que ilusión…
Y aquí en la puerta, cansado de vagar,
las mascaritas al baile miro entrar.
Vos entrás también
y la bienvenida, a media voz,
yo te daré.

Divertite, gentil Colombina,
con tu serio y platudo Arlequín.
Comprador del cariño y la risa,
con su bolsa que no tiene fin.
Coqueteá con tu traje de rica
que no pudo ofrecerte Pierrot,
que el disfraz sólo dura una noche,
pues lo queman los rayos del sol.

Is that you girlfriend? Is that you? How are you?
You going dancing? With whom? With a rich man!
You’re dressed so well, you are a hit!
Let me tell you, that’s the truth.
Might I’ve changed that you not even look at me,
and without even saying bye, you’re going in?
Don’t hurry up.
While your rich man pays the driver,
I’ll tell you:

Where are you going with a Manila shawl,
where are you going with such a pretty disguise?
Nothing short of a luxurious ballroom
where it costs a fortune to get in…
How much you have progressed, girlfriend!
You traded percale for silk
Disguised as a rich woman you look marvelous,
the best thing I saw in Carnival.

Life rolls… Also you rolled.
I’m the same one who yesterday was your love.
Nothing much: a good man
less money than illusion…
And here at the door, tired of roaming,
I watch the masked ones enter the dance hall
You go in too
and a welcome, in a low voice,
I will give you.

Have fun, gentile Colombina,
with your serious and rich Arlequin.
Buyer of the affection and the laughter
with his deep pocket.
Flirt in your rich woman’s dress
that Pierrot couldn’t afford
the disguise only lasts one night,
because it burns under the rays of the sun.

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