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Gold and silver (1943)
LYRICS by: Homero Manzi
MUSIC by: Charlo
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 6/10/12
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Homero Manzi epic poem about a love triangle among people of color reflects on an imaginary time in the mid eighteen fifties, a period from where there is no evidence left about the lives and mores of the black population. The term “pardo” is used to define a mulatto as opposed to the generic designing of “black” to the people of color population. The use of the drum metaphor is in reference to the mythical camdombe rhythm usually associated with early slave populations in colonial Buenos Aires.
Un broche de aguamarina y una esterlina te regaló.
Tu negro, que era muy pobre, no tuvo un cobre para el amor.
Un pardo de ropa fina para tu ruina te convenció.
Yo digo que una mulata, por oro y plata se enamoró.

Late que late, y el cuero del parche bate
con manos de chocolate, el negro que la perdió;
rueda que rueda, lo mismo que una moneda,
con ropas de tul y seda, la negra que le mintió.
Todos los cueros están doblando,
Pero sus ojos están llorando,
que un pardo de cuello duro
fumando un puro se la llevó.

Siga que siga,
no sufras ni la maldigas
que el cielo también castiga
la culpa de la ambición.
La manos en la tambora
mientras tu pena, llora que llora.
Yo digo que es un tesoro
de plata y oro tu corazón.

Tu corazón.
Tu corazón.

Un broche y una esterlina
fueron la ruina de una pasión.
Un pardo con diez monedas
forró de seda tu corazón.
La plata siempre es la plata
que hiere y mata sin compasión,
yo digo que una mulata
por oro y plata se enamoró… Ay…

An aquamarine brooch and sterling he gave you.
Your black man, who was very poor, didn’t have a penny to buy love.
A well dressed mulatto man convinced you, for your downfall.
I say that a mulatto woman, for gold and silver fell in love.

Beats and beats, the drumhead beats
with chocolate hands, the black man who lost her;
rolls and rolls, same as a coin,
with robes of tulle and silk, the black woman who lied to him.
All the drum leathers are tolling,
But his eyes are crying,
a starched collar mulatto
smoking a cigar took her with him.

Follow and follow,
don’t suffer nor curse her
that heaven also punishes
the guilt of ambition.
The hands on the drum
while your sorrow, crying crying.
I say it is a treasure
of silver and gold your heart.

Your heart.
Your heart.

A clasp and a sterling
were the ruin of a passion.
A mulatto with ten coins
silk lined her heart.
Silver is always the silver
that wounds and kills without mercy,
I say that a mulatto girl
for gold and silver fell in love… Oh!

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