Jiron porteño   2 comments

A Buenos Aires rag
LYRICS by: Julio Plácido Navarrine
MUSIC by: Juan Raggi
TRANSLATION by: Alberto Paz
Last updated on: 1/10/12
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Discepolo’s childhood and adolescence seem to justify many of his verses, but who is responsible for his many verses about unhappy love? Discépolo looks for the figure of God to protest about life, which is a mess, and to recall the betrayal of a loved one. Was Tania, his wife, the inspiring muse of this verses?
¡El conventillo luce su traje de “etiqueta”!
Las mozas van llegando dispuestas a mostrar,
Que hay galas domingueras, que hay porte y hay silueta
Igual que los galanes, deseosos de tanguear.
La orquesta ya musita un tango acompasado
Las parejitas pasan rimando esta canción:
”La princesita rosa de rulo ensortijado
Espera a su “Romeo” como una bendición”…El dueño de la casa
Atiende a las visitas,
Los pibes alborotan
Gritando en derredor…
Jugando a la rayuela
Al rango, a las bolitas,
Mientras un gringo alegre
Se siente payador…

Se anuncia ya en la orquesta “el tango de la yapa”
Una morocha besa, temblando de emoción,
El ramo de violetas que prende a la solapa
Del porteñito humilde, “señor” de su ilusión.
Termina ya la fiesta… Las mozas retrecheras
Prendidas van del brazo que acuna su pasión,
Llevando de esperanzas un cielo en sus ojeras
Y un mundo de cariño dentro del corazón.

The tenement sports its formal suit!
The girls arrive ready to show,
Sunday best attires, distinguished air and figure
Like the suitors, eager to Tangier.
The orchestra and mumble a rhythmic tango
The lovebirds spend rhyming this song:
“The princess pink curly hair curler
Wait for his “Romeo” a blessing…”The man of the house
Attend to visitors,
The kids fuss
Screaming around…
Playing hopscotch
At the range, marbles,
While a happy gringo
Thinks he’s a gaucho minstrel…

The orchestra announces the last tango for the road
A brunette kisses, shaking with emotion,
The bouquet of violets she pins on the lapel
of a humble porteñito, “lord” of her illusion.
The party already ends … The wily girls
Are holding on the arms that cradle their passion,
Wearing a sky of hope in the bags under their eyes
And a world of love within their hearts.

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2 responses to “Jiron porteño

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  1. I’ve been dying to know the name of this music since I watched the movie “Naked Tango” on TV. The leading role Alba and Cholo were
    always dancing with this music. I really love it ! From Japan

  2. God, how I enjoy this great tangos music & lyrics! The any-day dancing in a shabby
    apartment. There is nothing like melancholy and desillusioned argentine tangos.
    Porteno areas of Buenos Aires must have been something.
    Regards from Sweden, Scandinavia

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